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  • Can I Play Without VR?
    Yes. As of version 0.8, Balsa features Desktop Mode, so you don't need to have a VR headset to play.
  • Will the game be on Steam?
    We hope to make Balsa available on Steam in the very near future. Check out our Steam Store page for more information.
  • Will there be Vive Support?
    Support for the HTC Vive is indeed planned.
  • Will there be PSVR Support?
    We'd like to, and will look into it soon. If it's doable, we definitely want to get the game on PSVR. No promises right now though.
  • Will you target OSX/Linux?
    Not at the moment. We want to ensure players get the best possible experience on our supported platforms, and adding additional platforms would go against that effort, so for the time being, we are only targeting Windows. (7 and upwards)
  • How complete is the game right now?
    At the time of this writing, we are about 9 months into development (Work on Balsa started in January 2018). In game development, this isn't a lot of time, so that means there is still a lot to do on pretty much every aspect of the game. Until now, we have tried to focus on making sure most core systems of the game are in place and working, so during Early Access development, we can focus on features that will make meaningful additions to the project, as much as possible. This means there are areas of the game which are still very early in development, and the amount of content is still relatively small. As we get into the Early Access phase of the project, the plan is to build up on top of the foundations we've been building so far.
  • Will you implement [insert feature here]?
    Maybe. Maybe not. We can't promise any given feature will (or won't) be added in the future, and we reserve the right to make changes to the roadmap at any time.
  • Where can I post bug reports/feature requests?
    We have our public issue tracker on GitHub, where everyone can post issues about the game.
  • Can I use my TX as a controller?
    Yes. As long as your TX appears as a Game Controller when plugged into the PC, you should be able to map it in Balsa.
  • Can I use a HOTAS device?
    Yes. Balsa supports multiple joysticks already, so your HOTAS setup should be usable in the game.
  • Can I play with just keyboard and mouse?
    Yes. As of version 0.8, Balsa can be played with just the mouse and keyboard.
  • Is Balsa a simulator or are there also game elements?
    We do have plans for including game elements in the future. Right now, we are developing Balsa as a sandbox simulator first, to ensure all core systems are in place before turning our focus to additional features that rely on those. It is already possible, in any case, to mount weapons to your aircraft and use those to shoot other vehicles with. This is the basis for what will be an entire set of combat features.
  • Is Balsa moddable?
    Yes. Balsa was designed from the start to support modding in as many ways as we can.
  • Is there an SDK?
    There will be. We plan on releasing a set of tools to help you get your mod into the game. These are the same tools we are using here to make content for the game, in fact.
  • Can I develop code addons for Balsa?
    This is coming very soon. We plan to implement a plugin loading system into Balsa which will enable you to code addons in C#.
  • Can I sell my mods?
    Not at the moment. Supporting paid mods requires a substantial amount of legal and commercial support which we are not equipped to offer right now. All mods must be published free of charge. If there is enough interest from the community, we may re-evaluate this in the future.
  • What do I get from my Early Access purchase?
    First of all, you get our thanks!! By purchasing the game during Early Access, you are supporting development of Balsa and future projects from Floating Origin Studios, and you get access to the game in its current state, plus all free updates released in the future. You also get a chance to participate and contribute to the game's development through your feedback. We are not only listening, we are actively responding to feedback from our community as we develop Balsa. It's likely you are also getting the game at a discounted price as well, as we may change the price of the game during the course of development. Please mind, however, that we cannot guarantee sustained development of Balsa or any other project. Although this is the last thing we all want, it is entirely possible we may have to cease development at any point. Please be aware of this when you purchase any Early Access software.
  • Will the price change over development?
    Most Likely. As Balsa nears completion, we may adjust the price to reflect the state of development and what we feel it is worth.
  • Do I have to pay for future updates?
    No. Your purchase of Balsa means you have access to all free updates released in the future. Note however, that this does not include additional releases such as DLC, expansion packs, or future titles. 'Free Updates' refers specifically to updates released as incremental versions of the base game, and are explicitly published as free by the developer.
  • Will there be paid expansions/DLC?
    It's possible. We are developing Balsa as a self-contained game, but there are ideas for additional content we may offer as separate purchases.
  • Will there be Lootboxes, Consumable IAPs, that sort of thing?"
    No. While we do have plans for releasing additional paid content in the future (see previous question), we want to make sure players are always fully aware of what it is they are purchasing, and what they can expect to get from their purchase. This means we won't have any random-item packages or any such thing where you don't know what you may get at the time of purchasing. We also don't intend to offer any sort of consumable or self-expiring item. Our ideas for paid packages are all about single-purchase items that are yours to keep.
  • I don't see any parts in the Workshop, and/or can't load any planes"
    There is a known issue in v0.7.0 that can cause the game to not load correctly if the operating system is set to a language that uses a different number format than English. This issue has been fixed in version 0.8, which is now available. If you absolutely want to play version 0.7 for some reason, you can sidestep this problem by going into Control Panel -> Region and Language, and choosing English in the Format dropdown. Make sure to restart the game for changes to take effect.
  • May I stream it, YouTube it, Reddit?"
    Yes. By all means. You are free to share footage, screenshots, as well as broadcast a livestream of the game. The same applies for sharing the things you make in the game. We encourage you to share your creations with the community.
  • My question isn't here!
    Get in touch with us on the Balsa Community pages. We are actively participating there, and will be happy to answer your questions. Cheers
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