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Join the Open Beta


I'm very excited to announce that as of right now, we are entering Open Beta. That means Balsa is now available to play through the new Steam Playtest feature.

Just go to the Balsa store page on Steam, and hit the 'Request Access' button. That will give you access to the playtest version of the game.

During Open Beta, we will be actively working on the game, taking your feedback, fixing bugs and adding anything that is necessary before we move on to releasing in Early Access.

This is the final stage before the first official release. We are doing it this way because we want to make sure the game is as playable and ready as possible, despite the fact we are releasing in Early Access anyway.

That is what we believe Early Access is all about. It's not an excuse to release a buggy, incomplete game. It's about developing a game along with the community, and allowing ideas and feedback from players to really have a meaningful impact on how the game evolves.

So get into the Playtest and join the community, because Balsa is just about ready for takeoff!

Happy Flying!


-- Felipe (aka HarvesteR)

Lead Developer


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